Favorite Little Vintage Shop

Shop: Belle Heir, a vintage clothing company for little ones that are handpicked with quality and elegance in mind. 

Why I love it: I adore vintage children's clothing. I love the television show, Call The Midwife for many many reasons however there are moments in the series where you get to see adorable chunky babies in their prams wearing the sweetest 1950's baby attire. It makes me think of my mother who was born during that time and I wish children's clothing was still as classic as it once was. Belle Hair, looks for those unique pieces that are in incredible shape and they label each item in accordance to perfect, near perfect and gently used. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a one of a kind classic baby item. 

How much: The prices for these pieces are very reasonable. They start around $45 and go up. The more detail on a piece and the wear have a lot to do with the price. Here are some of my favorites...

A 1935 boys green dog romper in near perfect condition for $45

1935 boys green dog romper in near perfect condition for $45

A 1935 girls embroidered dress in near perfect condition $75

An adorable 1940 boys yellow short set in near perfect condition for $65