Favorite Little Bathing Suit

Shop: Whimsy Tails http://www.whimsytails.com/   

Why I love it: I get a little carried away bathing suit shopping for my daughter but usually feel disappointed in my final decision to just find the least expensive option at Target. I love the idea of choosing something unique and special. My grandmother was quite the bathing beauty so when I see Amelia in an adorable bathing suit I'm reminded of her glamorous great grandmother and I time when bathing suit wear was beautiful on everybody. Alexia of Whimsy Tails is a mom of three and after she started to sew blankets for her daughters two years ago, she launched her own business creating and selling her designs.  At Whimsy Tails you can find mermaid tail blankets, mini DOLL blankets, swaddle blankets and now bathing suits. I am a huge fan of any product marketed to children that will ignite their imaginations and these mermaid tails are just the thing for the adventurous minded child. She also has shark blankets for those children that may be feeling more snappy than whimsical. Here is my favorite of the three gorgeous bathing suits as as well as some other favorite items in her shop

How much: These products run from $20.00-$60.00 Be sure to follow Whimsy Tails on Facebook however because Alexia often features discounts and sales!