Portrait Sessions

Mother... | Central Ma Lifestyle Maternity Photography Session


Hushed and sacred silence
fills the dawning sky
I ponder in this moment
of our journey which is nigh...


To say that this is a session that I am excited to share is an understatement. I was honored to be asked by my dear friend Lindsay to capture her pregnancy at her family's beautiful cottage deep in the woods of Western Ma. The quaint lake cottage has been in her family for many many years and is filled with a lot of history and a little bit of magic. We spent our afternoon sitting among the tiny wisps of flowers, walking the lake shore, chatting about their baby and feeding their puppy treat after treat (because she was such a good girl). 

Lindsay was a dream to photograph. She chose incredible pieces to wear which all highlighted her amazing belly and added the right amount of color, texture and personality to her images. I am so happy that I was able to witness such sweet moments between these two before their family grows. They are going to be exceptional parents. I can imagine their wee little one in the upcoming years; running around the cottage, picking flowers for his or her momma and playing hide and seek with the pup. What an incredible life to have.

~xo Lindsay and Atma

Traveling In The Company of Those We Love... | Massachusetts Lifestyle Family Photography Session

...Is Home in Motion 

I have known Rick & Jenn for quite some time, however there are now hills and highways between us making it hard for us to visit on a regular basis. The last time that I saw Rick he mentioned that his daughter had just taken her first steps and we exchanged stories about raising sons who were around the same age. When they contacted me to tell me that they would be in Massachusetts visiting family and wanted a session, I jumped at the chance. Since that last exchange of parenting stories they have added a new baby daughter to the clan. I couldn't wait to meet all three of those beautiful babies. Unfortunately for us on the day of the visit the cold airs came zipping through making us all a little chilly, but we huddled together and even made it to two beautiful locations. I hope to continue this session by taking a ride to see them over the summer. Until then; here is a peek of some moments that melted my heart. 

You Can Count on Me... | Massachusetts Lifestyle Family Photography Session

...like one, two, three.

It seems like yesterday when I visited Alexa to photograph her first born baby boy. I have known Alexa for many years and knew that she would approach this new role in her life with a ridiculous amount of sweetness and joy. I also believe that a very important quality in a parent is a great sense of humor. (After all having two kids in diapers I'm sure provides hilarious moments at times) I have laughed and laughed and laughed with this woman so I'm certain that her little ones are having a blast with her. We had a great session with 4 month old Nico on that first visit. He was full of smiles and drool. I just melted over him. 

When I arrived at Alexa's house just over a year later to photograph her second boy, Luca I was so happy to see this momma surrounded by the love of her guys. This is a home filled with the curiosity of a toddler, the coos of an infant and two exhausted/happy parents. I had a blast letting big brother jump on the bed and cuddle with his best blanket while his little brother reached for his toes as well as his momma's face. They were simply amazing. 

Thanks for a great session boys. I hope to see a lot more of you as you grow! 

Oh those Baby Blues... | Central Ma Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

...how I adore you. 

I love when I get to revisit a family shortly after their maternity session to meet the newest family member. Baby John was bright eyed and ready for his debut in front of my camera. I enjoyed hearing all about his first few weeks home and how excited his parents (and doggy) were in welcoming him. Some of my favorite moments to capture during these sessions are the times when families are 'in between' looking to the camera and getting guidance from me. The in between times when the baby needs to have his back patted, or dad makes mom laugh, or the little one needs an outfit change...these are the best. As a story teller, I find the most beautiful stories are told in the everyday moments that make you a family. I really do love this job and pour my heart into creating a beautiful story that you will treasure for a lifetime. Please contact me to schedule your lifestyle family session. 

Welcome to the world baby John. 

Sweet Pea... | Central Ma Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

...Apple Of My Eye. 

I recently had a very sweet lifestyle newborn session with brand new mom and dad (Sam & Frank) who were so warm and welcoming to me. Along with a photographer to capture some of little Sofia's new faces and movements in the world; family came to visit that day as well. It was wonderful to hear everyone in Sofia's life oohing and ahhing over all of the little adorable details of her. Newborn babies being passed from arms to arms are moments that families rejoice about and there are not many times more relaxing than a sleeping baby in your arms. I was able to really get to know this beautiful family and capture moments of them all falling in love with their newest addition. I absolutely fell in love too! Mom and dad let me swaddle Sofia which I take some pride in doing. I love a good swaddle with a happy baby snuggled up inside. Thank you Sam, Frank and Sofia. I hope that we will stay in touch and I will get to see your sweet pea as she grows! 

A Great Joy... | Central Massachusetts Maternity Photography Session

...is about to arrive. 

I met Beth and Jared on a December day that was unseasonably warm. We spent some time in their beautiful home getting to know each other and hanging out with their sweet dog  (who happens to have the same name as my new puppy.) Then we moved to the center of town to explore some local history. Very rarely do I get to photograph clients so close to my own home and now I have a brand new go to place that I will be visiting again. Beth and Jared's images show the adoration that a husband has for his expecting wife. Jared was always looking at Beth and she was clearly smitten by this new baby that she hasn't even met yet. I was lucky to be able to spend this time with them. I wish them and their growing family many years of health and happiness.