Well "Charlie" is my 5 year old son, Charles. He is one amazing guy. He lives for Batman, Legos, milk  and "chocolate donuts with nothing on them". Don't even think about putting a sprinkle on there. He is the laughter that lives deep in my belly. I have aches and aches after we laugh together and it is pure heaven. He loves to pretend to be a superhero and can build Legos for hours upon hours. He wants to be independent but he is attached to his momma and says he would rather go to school when he is 99 so he doesn't have to leave me :) He is my pal, my hero and my world. 

"Little" is my 7 year old daughter, Amelia who isn't so little anymore. When she was just a tiny baby we nicknamed her "Little Little" and it just stuck. She is the light of my life. She has this smile huge toothy smile and freckles for days. She fills my heart with so much love. She performs constantly to an imagined audience that I hope one day comes true. I'm her biggest fan. She is fierce and determined yet still loves her Bear Bear and doesn't venture out of the house without holding him by the arm.  I want to tell her stories, protect and cuddle her always. Seriously, always. 

I have a pretty great life. I have a husband, Dave who is way more creative than I'll ever be. He is a motion graphics artist and sometimes when I'm thinking of something rad like a giant dinosaur flying a tiny plane...he can draw it on a napkin at the dinner table. He is ridiculously handsome, scruffy ginger who is just simply my everything. 

I was once upon a time a teacher in a beautiful school in Boston Ma and although I don't teach in a classroom anymore, I am forever a teacher. I teach my children to go on adventures, to love with all of their hearts, to forgive, to practice kindness, to tell stories, to dream, to create. And in turn they teach me these things too.

I love being a photographer. When I was just a kid, I could spend hours upon hours pouring through the boxes of pictures that my grandfather had in his attic. The stories that he would tell from looking at a snapshot from his past are stories that I will remember forever. I love giving other people the ability to preserve their stories and have memories to share with their loved ones for a lifetime. 


Some other things about me that are completely unrelated to photography...

I love Oahu - I went once for our honeymoon and still ask my husband on a regular basis if Hawaii misses me

I love genealogy - I have traced my family tree to the year 1200 or something bananas like that. I think family history is incredibly romantic

I love Jimmy Stewart and Dick Van Dyke - I thought I would marry someone just like them when I grew up. I think I did pretty good

I love chocolate, almonds and coconut - put them all together and I die 

I really really really really want a dog. But every single below zero winter in New England makes me change my mind. I do not want to walk the dog in the cold. * I got a dog in November of 2015. Her name is Sadie and she is 100% worth the layers of clothing that I have to put on to take her out, even in below zero weather. That my friends is real love :) 


I hope that we can get to know each other more at your session.