In 2017 I became involved with a self portrait group that not only made me realize the importance of getting in the frame, it also gave me a new pathway to create some of my favorite art. Finding ways to make my self the subject of an image was challenging and sometimes hilarious. These are some of my favorite moments and they will give you a little more info about who I am. But just in case you want to know some more about little old me...

Here's a Top Ten List of my Favorite Things: 

1. My kids. I surely have to start with them. My business is named after the two of them. Charlie for my son and Little for my daughter. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see an illustration of them done by the incredibly talented Gracie Klumpp. 

2. My ginger husband. He is simply the best thing that has ever happened to me.

3. Books, bookstores and libraries (I think these can be all together) My children and I spend a lot of time in all of these places and I currently work part time at the sweetest little magical children's bookstore that you have ever seen. Promise. Check it out: Enchanted Passage

4. Chocolate in unhealthy amounts and daily.

5. The sound of a spoon mixing a hot cup of tea. Reminds me of home and my big Irish family. 

6. Genealogy. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time looking up my family's history which I think is fascinating and romantic. 

7. Oahu

8. Hunting for Seaglass and winning when the family is on a mission for a certain color 

9. Ridiculous and sassy Toddlers. 

10. Gilmore Girls. I won't tell you what team I am on because I want to keep you as clients :)