Favorite Little Boston Shop

Shop: Mockingbird Store in Charlestown, Ma

Why I love it: I met owner, Kathryn Peck over a year ago while developing relationships with local business owners who are immersed in the baby world and care about the quality of baby products that they are selling to their customers like I do with my images. I was immediately impressed with the products that Kate offers to families who are shopping for their little ones and we decided to work together on a really fun project. We held Santa Sessions in her storefront window which is right in beautiful downtown Charlestown. Customers were able to sign up for a small session at a great price while people shopping in the town could also see us all engaging together from the street. It was a very magical holiday moment that we are planning to do again this year, so follow her Facebook page for details. More recently I was able to photograph some of Kate's products and you can see some of my work on her Instagram feed. Be sure to check out this incredible store while visiting in Boston and be sure to tell them that Charlie Little Photography sent you. Or you can shop online for some unique products that you and your little ones will love.  

How much: Here are some of my favorite items that are available now: 




Favorite Little Bathing Suit

Shop: Whimsy Tails http://www.whimsytails.com/   

Why I love it: I get a little carried away bathing suit shopping for my daughter but usually feel disappointed in my final decision to just find the least expensive option at Target. I love the idea of choosing something unique and special. My grandmother was quite the bathing beauty so when I see Amelia in an adorable bathing suit I'm reminded of her glamorous great grandmother and I time when bathing suit wear was beautiful on everybody. Alexia of Whimsy Tails is a mom of three and after she started to sew blankets for her daughters two years ago, she launched her own business creating and selling her designs.  At Whimsy Tails you can find mermaid tail blankets, mini DOLL blankets, swaddle blankets and now bathing suits. I am a huge fan of any product marketed to children that will ignite their imaginations and these mermaid tails are just the thing for the adventurous minded child. She also has shark blankets for those children that may be feeling more snappy than whimsical. Here is my favorite of the three gorgeous bathing suits as as well as some other favorite items in her shop

How much: These products run from $20.00-$60.00 Be sure to follow Whimsy Tails on Facebook however because Alexia often features discounts and sales! 

Favorite Little Illustration Studio

Shop: Etsy shop, Sarah Jane illustration studio from Orem,Utah. 

Why I love it: I have ordered from Sarah Jane before and adore the necklace that we received for our daughter. It was a Christmas present for her from my husband and says, "Just Stay Little" on it. She treasures it and so do we. Sarah Jane illustrations have a whimsical, colorful and vintage look to them. They feel very personal, like you can picture the child in each drawing as someone that you might know. This is largely due to her inspiration for the drawings. Her Etsy sight states; "Her art is an extension of her own childhood memories, mixed with the everyday experiences of her own little ones." You can buy prints, jewelry, embroidery PDFs and more. I just love love love this shop. 

How much: There are a few items that are very unique and are priced at $50.00 and up. Most of her prints and necklaces however range from $16.00-$34.00. Very reasonable! 

Here are some of my favorites and was very hard to choose:

Whale Dreams Wall Art $16.00

Whale Dreams Wall Art $16.00

Read To Me Necklace $28.00

Read To Me Necklace $28.00

Tread Softly Wall Art $16.00

Tread Softly Wall Art $16.00

Favorite New and Local Clothing Line

Shop: I love this new shop and the name is quite adorable. Petit Peony is a New England children's clothing company with bright, eye catching and whimsical patterns. These kinds of pieces are just what I need while dreaming of sunny days ahead. I adore the tunics and would love to purchase one for my little girl this summer. 

Why I love it: I love supporting other local small businesses and Petit Peony started in New England. They recently partnered with a non-profit organization in Honduras which is a beautiful partnership. From their website they describe this new partnership... "10 women will be employed at a fair trade wage and provided a safe work environment to produce our first collection! We are beyond excited to work with these amazing woman. We are Mothers Helping Mothers...With this work the women of Mi Esperanza are able to send their children to school-truly breaking the cycle of poverty. By purchasing one of PETIT PEONY's creations you are supporting the movement of Mothers Helping Mothers and completing our circle of hope."  Being a mother myself, this kind of work really inspires me. Check out the clothing line and fall in love. 

How much: This all girls collection is currently tunics, tops and leggings and runs from $28.00 - $58.00

Here are some of my favorite patterns 

Favorite Little Wooden Toys

Shop:  Little Sapling Toys, an Etsy shop that you will absolutely fall in love with! They are Nick and Kimber Christensen from Utah and they design and produce organic wooden developmental toys and blocks. They create beautiful toys that will be kept for a lifetime and passed along to the next generation of babes in your family. 

Why I love it:  For all the above reasons as well as what I found on their page when I was digging for more information about the company; "Our Philosophy: Here at LST, we are committed to quality toys and a healthy earth. We plant a tree for every toy sold, use the highest quality North American hardwoods, recycled content packaging and participate in our local green power program."

Seriously, you will plant trees when I buy your toys? Purchase in the cart as I type. 

How much:  Little Sapling toys is very reasonable and makes perfect baby shower gifts. My favorites are the toy camera (of course), the personalized rattles and all the gorgeous blocks! 



$35.00 *there is a personalized one for $42.00.  I adore these!

$35.00 *there is a personalized one for $42.00.

I adore these!



Favorite Little Vintage Shop

Shop: Belle Heir, a vintage clothing company for little ones that are handpicked with quality and elegance in mind. 

Why I love it: I adore vintage children's clothing. I love the television show, Call The Midwife for many many reasons however there are moments in the series where you get to see adorable chunky babies in their prams wearing the sweetest 1950's baby attire. It makes me think of my mother who was born during that time and I wish children's clothing was still as classic as it once was. Belle Hair, looks for those unique pieces that are in incredible shape and they label each item in accordance to perfect, near perfect and gently used. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a one of a kind classic baby item. 

How much: The prices for these pieces are very reasonable. They start around $45 and go up. The more detail on a piece and the wear have a lot to do with the price. Here are some of my favorites...

A 1935 boys green dog romper in near perfect condition for $45

1935 boys green dog romper in near perfect condition for $45

A 1935 girls embroidered dress in near perfect condition $75

An adorable 1940 boys yellow short set in near perfect condition for $65

A favorite little bear

Designer: Regina of the unbelievably adorable Etsy shop, Oh, Albatross

Why I love it: I am borderline obsessed with her line of stuffed loves called, the dear ones. I CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH. Charlie Little is very partial to bears and I have to say that her handmade bears have my heart however the bunnies, lambs and elephants are amazingly cute too! I am pretty sure that any child would adore having one of these friends to love, I know mine would. 

How much: $68 for a dear one

A favorite little dress

Designer: Australian Designer Judy Ginns of Chasing Mini, a darling little Etsy shop

Why I love it: I love that this dress is hand made from antique lace and cotton. It is so sweet and delicate. I could see this on a little babe with beautiful sunlight pouring around it. 

How much it is: This dress is: $144.72. It is more expensive than I would typically buy for a dress however it is so unique and gorgeous that a one of a kind piece like this would be worth it. I would be glad to have any one of her pieces in her shop. Take a look to see for yourself!