Our Deep and Unending Love For Books

If you have been following my work, I'm sure that you have noticed the amount of book related images that have shown up in my stream of work. My love for reading started when I was a little kid because I not only had a family that read to me and my siblings every night, they encouraged us to read to each other when we started reading independently and there wasn't a day that went by that didn't involve a book in either one of my parents hands. We loved our local library. I spent countless hours at the library sitting under the life size giraffe reading children's books and listening to audio tapes. One of my most favorite jobs was the one I could walk to by taking a path in the woods down the street from my house to the coolest local bookstore there ever was. Books have just been my thing. GOD knows I am not a writer. My dream job would be a world famous author but...this photographing our adventures with books is a very close second. It is thrilling to see that the book bug has bitten both of my children, especially Amelia. They request to go to libraries that resemble Hogwarts, they could spend hours in old used bookstores and they read every single night. We are working on starting a read aloud YoutTube channel that features some of our favorite weekly books that we have checked out of the library. I devour any moment that we get to be lost in the magic of books. Here are some of my favorite book images from over the years.