"Hold Her Tight... | Boston Massachusetts Lifestyle Photography Session

...set the moon on the edge of her crib and...hang her name up in the stars." ~Jodi Picoult 

I have missed updating this lifestyle blog! With the hustle and bustle of a very productive wedding season and then the holidays; I haven't had much time for updates. Life is slowly starting to get back to normal now and of course as soon as it does, I will be missing the busy. 

This was a session that I did back in October when the leaves were still pretty spectacular. This lovely Charlestown family (have I mentioned my love for Charlestown?) wanted to have me come and capture images of their newest addition. Five month old Evelyn was a super sweet baby who only slept during my time there for all of 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes with her dad however are some of my favorite images. Not many things are as sweet as a zonked out baby in her daddy's strong arms. We spent some time hanging out in Evie's beautiful home and then ventured out to downtown Charlestown to capture the neighborhood during the very best time of year. 

We had a wonderful afternoon and I am thrilled with the images I captured of this beautiful new family. Here is a peek: