You Can Count on Me... | Massachusetts Lifestyle Family Photography Session one, two, three.

It seems like yesterday when I visited Alexa to photograph her first born baby boy. I have known Alexa for many years and knew that she would approach this new role in her life with a ridiculous amount of sweetness and joy. I also believe that a very important quality in a parent is a great sense of humor. (After all having two kids in diapers I'm sure provides hilarious moments at times) I have laughed and laughed and laughed with this woman so I'm certain that her little ones are having a blast with her. We had a great session with 4 month old Nico on that first visit. He was full of smiles and drool. I just melted over him. 

When I arrived at Alexa's house just over a year later to photograph her second boy, Luca I was so happy to see this momma surrounded by the love of her guys. This is a home filled with the curiosity of a toddler, the coos of an infant and two exhausted/happy parents. I had a blast letting big brother jump on the bed and cuddle with his best blanket while his little brother reached for his toes as well as his momma's face. They were simply amazing. 

Thanks for a great session boys. I hope to see a lot more of you as you grow!