Traveling In The Company of Those We Love... | Massachusetts Lifestyle Family Photography Session

...Is Home in Motion 

I have known Rick & Jenn for quite some time, however there are now hills and highways between us making it hard for us to visit on a regular basis. The last time that I saw Rick he mentioned that his daughter had just taken her first steps and we exchanged stories about raising sons who were around the same age. When they contacted me to tell me that they would be in Massachusetts visiting family and wanted a session, I jumped at the chance. Since that last exchange of parenting stories they have added a new baby daughter to the clan. I couldn't wait to meet all three of those beautiful babies. Unfortunately for us on the day of the visit the cold airs came zipping through making us all a little chilly, but we huddled together and even made it to two beautiful locations. I hope to continue this session by taking a ride to see them over the summer. Until then; here is a peek of some moments that melted my heart.