Kristy & Gabe | Shrewsbury Scandinavian Athletic Club | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

I was honored to capture this fall wedding day with two people that I feel were made for each other. I will never forget when I learned that they were just made so much sense. Their last names actually rhyme! Both Kristy and Gabe are ridiculously creative and active in their community. I have known them each in different ways and in different circles for a long time. Kristy is your go to girl for a unique birthday party idea, a balloon creation, advice on vintage home decor or almost anything crafty. Gabe is your go to guy on incredible local bands as well as the best places to see them,  the START On The Street Festival and any trivia on the quirky and beautiful city of Worcester. They are both your go to people for where to get the most amazing pancakes, the best bowling lanes or where you can go for an incredible hike with gorgeous views. All three of those were a part of our initial meeting and then engagement sessions. We had a lot of fun together.  

On September 4th, they had a beautiful September day to celebrate their nuptials and adorable unique details to showcase their love for each other. We went from a ceremony with laughter and tears to a dance floor that included local celeb Sam James on guitar and some seriously amazing dancing friends. 

This was a great celebration and I'm thrilled for these two incredible people. All the best to you Kristy and Gabe. I wish many many happy years ahead. 



Corinne & Connor | Old Sturbridge Village| Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

This summer wedding was one for the history books! Corinne and Connor chose a perfect location for their nuptials. I hadn't been to Old Sturbridge Village since I was just a kid. From the moment I arrived it was a great trip down memory lane. The 1830's replica town gave this wedding a historic and romantic feel, the views are breathtaking and the details are charming. If you haven't had a chance to visit, take a ride to Sturbridge, Ma and check it out. There is something beautiful to see around every corner. 

I love a great First Look moment and was thrilled that these two wanted to see each other before the ceremony, following Corinne to meet her "husband to be" was so very sweet. After some incredible portrait time with a crew that braved the heat, Corinne arrived with her father in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage to a lovely garden ceremony officiated by the bride's bother. Once some refreshing rain cooled everyone down, the celebration began! There were heartfelt toasts, lots of laughter and a crew that danced the night away. From meeting a lovely bridesmaid and guest  at a wedding last year, to becoming wedding clients this year, to the engagement session and then the wedding...I have enjoyed every moment of my journey with this fabulous couple. Congratulations Corinne and Connor! 

*Be sure to check out some sweet dance moves at the end of the gallery! 

Kerri & Brent | Sturbridge Ma Engagement Session | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

"Sunrise, sunrise looks like morning in your eyes."

~Norah Jones

I have been wanting to do a sunrise session for some time now and was thrilled when Kerri said that she and her fiance Brent were interested. We chose a location that wouldn't be too far from their wedding ceremony and reception this fall. The crisp and cool morning was so very quiet and peaceful, it felt like we were the only three people in Sturbridge that day. I loved waking up before the sun and being with these two when it was first peeking through the trees.  Even with the occasional nagging mosquito (sorry Brent!) this beautiful couple had no problem getting comfortable in front of the camera. They have spent some time apart while Brent has been in the service making it hard to plan all the details of their big day. With his recent return, I could see how naturally and lovingly they would hold each other. It was a dream to capture their love story and I can't wait to celebrate with them this September. Congratulations Kerri and Brent, you may both have modeling careers ahead of you ;) 

Kristy & Gabe | Rockport/Auburn Engagement Session | Central Ma Wedding Photographer

I love when clients introduce me to places that I've never explored and then I can't wait to return to. I'm not entirely sure how I've never been to the charming seaside town of Rockport, but I was fully on board when Kristy suggested it. I arrived a little early and was able to walk around eyeing the ice cream shops and antique spots that I hope to visit again. Kristy and Gabe toured the town with me talking about their upcoming wedding, their love for traveling and a nearby spot that we just had to check out for sunset. I love an adventure and when we walked the trails of Halibut State Park, I couldn't get over how breathtaking the views were. Walking out after the sun had gone down was just as amazing. Thank you for introducing this town to me you two! I may or may not have been dreaming of beach homes ever since...

But wait...we didn't end our time together in Rockport. Kristy and Gabe are both avid bowlers and they wanted to get some images at the bowling alley where they are in a league. On an early rainy morning we met before the lanes opened up and got some really sweet images of these two while they were in their element. ;) What a perfect way to end this session. Thanks for spending some time with me Kristy and Gabe, it's pretty obvious that you are crazy for each other. Not much more time to go until your day and it will be epic!