Kristy & Gabe | Shrewsbury Scandinavian Athletic Club | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

I was honored to capture this fall wedding day with two people that I feel were made for each other. I will never forget when I learned that they were just made so much sense. Their last names actually rhyme! Both Kristy and Gabe are ridiculously creative and active in their community. I have known them each in different ways and in different circles for a long time. Kristy is your go to girl for a unique birthday party idea, a balloon creation, advice on vintage home decor or almost anything crafty. Gabe is your go to guy on incredible local bands as well as the best places to see them,  the START On The Street Festival and any trivia on the quirky and beautiful city of Worcester. They are both your go to people for where to get the most amazing pancakes, the best bowling lanes or where you can go for an incredible hike with gorgeous views. All three of those were a part of our initial meeting and then engagement sessions. We had a lot of fun together.  

On September 4th, they had a beautiful September day to celebrate their nuptials and adorable unique details to showcase their love for each other. We went from a ceremony with laughter and tears to a dance floor that included local celeb Sam James on guitar and some seriously amazing dancing friends. 

This was a great celebration and I'm thrilled for these two incredible people. All the best to you Kristy and Gabe. I wish many many happy years ahead.