Corinne & Connor | Scarborough Maine Engagement Session | Maine Wedding Photographer

I'm not sure if I have shared this before but my husband and I never had an engagement session and I always regret it. This is such and important time for a couple to get to know their photographer and for the photographer to get to know them. This is when I get to ask questions about how they met, fell in love and then were engaged. I get to see them initially giggle and squirm a bit in front of the camera which always makes for a sweet image of someone trying to get the other to laugh or relax. This is a time when the images captured really reflect the couple as they are while hanging out in some of their most favorite locations. Corinne and Connor wanted to show me one of their favorites places in Maine. They took me to take a scenic and historic walk by the ocean by Ferry Beach State Park in Scarborough. It was breathtaking and I enjoyed getting to know them while we braved the wind and cold of the day. You really wouldn't know that it was as chilly as it was. These two cuddled to keep warm and were willing to go on little adventures to find just the right spots. Oh and Corinne's hair in the wind...seriously gorgeous. I can't wait to join them for their day in the Spring! Here are some of my favorite moments.